Group Business

Hai Run Media Group Business Profile

In 1989, Liu Yanming (chairman of Hai Run Media Group, president of
Hai Run Corporation) established Hai Run International Advertising Co., Ltd
Hai Run Movies & TV Production Co., Ltd was established in 2001,
and soon becomes the largest private TV drama production company in China
In 2010, Beijing Hai Run Pictures Co., Ltd was established for movie production
Expansion into real estate business and Hairun Corporation was established in 2011
Not only in China, Hai Run's business has developed into Hong Kong,
Canada, Japan, U.S.A, and France

Japan Connection

The production of drama「Evening Bell of the End of Century」with Yoshimoto Kogyo in 2002
Beijing Hai Run Pictures, Kadokawa Shoten Publishing and other two companies
decide to re-make「Story of Detetive」in China
Hai Run Media Group belonging actress Sun, Li who performed
Suntory oolong tea TVCM was nominated to the 41st International Emmy
Best Actress Section.
In 2012, produced Chinese tourism PR video for Tokushima-ken,
planning to produce tourism PR video for Kyushu in 2016